About Me

I was born in Arizona over five decades ago, and I’ve lived in many places since then. I returned to Arizona five-years-ago and currently live in the Tucson area with my wife and three dogs.

Since moving to Tucson, I have been working for the local natural gas provider as a communication specialist (fancy name for electronics geek). Previously I ran a business helping people solve computer problems at home. Before that, I worked for an industrial software developer doing frontline support. I’m explaining all this backward. I guess you could say I am a little backward since I’m pursuing a degree near the end of my career.

I am working toward a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. I am currently enrolled in Fundamentals of Information Technology & Literacy at Ashford University and have almost two years of studying ahead of me to reach that goal.

I am not interested in finding better work because the job I have right now is perfect for me. I enjoy learning, and my employer is helping me do that by paying my education costs. Employers realize that investing in organizational development strengthens their workforce. Henry Ford said, “The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.” I am lucky to have found an employer who believes that.

I am familiar with much of the material in this course. As I work through the material and complete the assignments, I expect to update obsolete ideas I hold (stuff I think I know but don’t really) and bridge gaps in my informally acquired knowledge of Information Technology. This blog is to document that journey. Come along if you like.

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